Pan Jiao Jiao 潘娇娇

Pan Jiao Jiao is a sexy Chinese model who has obviously had some enhancements, but she has enough photos to prove that it’s not all photoshop, and yes they are glorious…

Like many Chinese girls there are copious amounts of Xiuren or MOKO style pictures, but wait there’s more! Here we get some nude shots, or at least tasteful, partial nude.

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Chen Yuwen 陈郁雯

Chen Yuwen is an internet auction model. She is very pretty, dreamy in fact. She has many wistful photos where she has a peculiar smile but seems to be moving towards sexier poses which can only be a good thing.

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Model Nude Nathalie Hayashi

Nathalie Hayashi is a half-Filipina, half-Japanese international freelance model. Nicknamed Nath, she was born on March 4,1989. Vital Stats: 34C-26-37 Height: 5’5 Weight:115lbs. Her father is from Okinawa she speaks Filipino, Japanese and English. Naturally she likes Hentai, wait what?!

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